• Tailor Made

    Prices start from £99

  • Spreadsheets
    & Reports

    Prices start from £79

  • Document
    Master Templates

    Prices start from £39

  • Google Optimised

    Search Engine Friendly

    Ensuring your website is developed with the most cutting edge design and functionality to ensure that the top search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo can not only find your webpages, but navigate them and pick out the important information. Not only that, but your websites will be designed to cater for the modern day web browsing needs where smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops will all function perfectly. This will allow your website traffic to be maximised, as well as giving your organisation a professional and modern presence on the Worldwide Web.

  • Cutting Edge Coding

    HTML5 & CSS3 Coding

    A key design philosophy of Creat-r is to make products visually appealing and user friendly. The latest coding languages help websites to be just this, but the design is so important to the final product. The same applies with developing spreadsheets and templates - design and functionality are key, and we are sure you'll be delighted with your products.


    Designed for you

    Years of experience developing products for professional and personal use, here at Creat-r we have been able to work on our ability to tailor designs to meet your needs - from aesthetics to functionality, our aim is to provide a quality product at a market beating price. Not only that, but we offer amazingly cost effective service options where we can host websites, provide short-term or ongoing support. We hope to provide IT and Web solutions to everyone, not matter what computer experience you have.


    Business Functions

    So many businesses operate with spreadsheets and working documents - which just don't work! Our years of experience building spreadsheets for a range of uses has helped us to develop complex ways of delivering solutions for businesses where the end user input is minimal and getting the computer to do the work for you. Using the spreadsheets inbuilt coding languages, it is possible to personalise spreadsheets and the output reports to meet your own personalised needs. Don't settle for less, you are guaranteed to be pleased with your new spreadsheets and templates.

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Creat-r IT & Web solutions is a family business based in South Wales. We provide personalised webpages for business, clubs and all types of organisations creating websites to suit a wide range of purposes, tailor-made business spreadsheets and master templates for documents such as letters and promotional material. Our focus is delivering exceptional products at great value prices which are cheaper than all other competitors. Design and functionality is very important to us, making sure that our products look great at the finished articles as well as working well.

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